electronic music producer

I produce and perform electronic music since 2000, sometimes accompanied by visual artists telematique & u-matic, and put out records: Miwon tracks have been released on City Centre Offices, Fabric, Digital Gadget, n5md, Kohvirecords and hal9000.

Apart from my solo project I’m a founding member of FeedBackOrchester and BETON, work as a freelance translator and write about music from time to time (Groove, De:Bug, Stylemag, Intro).

N e w s:

Miwon remix of “Drei Akkorde“ by Chartbusters from Heidelberg – listen here.

Great feature about Berlin VJ legends telematique & u-matic, including Miwon and BETON music.
And listen to my ongoing favourite new music stream on SoundCloud, if you like.

New Miwon podcast – this time for the lovely Various Vegetables crew!
You can listen to it here, or download it via iTunes.

Website overhaul. And new Miwon music in the making :)

Digging home turf – 7/12 @ Naherholung Sternchen

new side project: BETON

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